Return to Rhonan


Reviewer *****Scary Supernatural Romance – will hold you spell bound to the last page.  Reviewer*****Paranormal romance.Stunning. This book gripped me from the first page. I love the paranormal and this had me turning the pages. It’s a great story and the writer has a fast pace so I was glued. The seances gave me goosebumps – chilling.

American therapist, Jessica McGregor, haunted by recurring dreams, slips through time to the penniless ward Muriall and her mysterious lover. The only clues to their identity are the Scottish accents. Booking into Rhonan Manor Hotel, in the wilds of Scotland, she meets the owner, the devastating, Lord Douglas Mavebury of Rhonan,  Sexual attraction flares, as they fall into a tempestuous relationship unaware of evil forces gathering. In a dark, dank mausoleum, Jess discovers a batch of letters, With each one Jess travels to the past of 1810, learning the true identity of the fated lovers.  It is a time of the Land Clearances, a time of selfish landlords who evict their tenants from their small farms and crofts to perish on the roads. Can Muriall and her lover save them? Can they save themselves? In the present time, an incubus attacks Jess intent on possessing her. She is helpless before his sexual powers and succumbs knowing the union could be lethal, but the incubus vanishes as he hears her cousin Dinah call out to her. Jess and Douglas become more like enemies than lovers, as he denies the existence of ghosts or demons, unaware a demon festers in the bowels of Rhonan Manor. Soon it will walk abroad searching – for her. Can Doug overcome his rage in time to save her?
Possessed at Rhonan 04.05.13 _edited-3
Jess, an American psychotherapist, discovers startling secrets about
Rhonan and her identity.  Doug refuses to discuss the hauntings of Murial and
Duncan’s evil brother Lord Maximillian.  A porcelain doll with a terrifying evil
grin appears, was it Muriall’s? Why is it appearing? As they grow
closer, Jess cannot resist Doug, but with her  feisty nature and his brooding
temper, they appear more like enemies than lovers. Can their love affair
survive? He is fiercely protective of Jess, so why is he so stubborn? Why does
he refuse to acknowledge occult forces?
Jess’s time travel to
the Rhonan of 1810, reveals the fate of the lovers, Muriall and Lord Duncan as
they put their own lives in peril, fighting  for thousands of peasants dying on
the roads and on the coasts. Will they defeat the vicious landlords
and live?
Terrifying evil forces gather, can exorcisms defeat them? Father
O’Reilly enlists the help of two powerful white witches, but are they strong
enough to send the demons to hell?
reunited for wordpress_edited-2
Reunited at Rhonan
The Incubus relentlessly pursues Jessica, intent on making her his own. As he confronts Jess and Dinah, they find they cannot resist him; but to give in to his sexy demands means certain death. Can Lucy can save them, as she summons Phantom, a vicious feral cat, once an ancient shaman, who shape shifts from cat to puma? At the Manor, the friends open a Centre for Psychic Studies, where Dinah develops into a strong healer whilst Lucy becomes a powerful physical medium, a channel for good but also a channel through whom the demons manifest.
Jess time travels, relentlessly fighting to bring the ghostly lovers Muriall a penniless ward and Lord Duncan of Rhonan together again. Douglas struggles with his disbelief as a high-ranking demon, rages in the castle dungeons, a demon determined to drag Jess down to hell, a demon so powerful, it pits its strength against the Vatican itself. Will the warrior of God, the Jesuit Tobias Marescas arrive at Rhonan in time to save them from a horrific death?


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