Now Available! The First Series Collection

M.S. Fowle

I’m happy to announce that you can now get my four book series in one handy download. You can now also SAVE 25% off the regular price!

The First Series Collection

by M.S. Fowle

Click to Get it on Amazon Click to
Get it on Amazon

*Cover Design by Melchelle Designs*

Genre(s): Horror, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction

Description:Monsters are real. Odin, an ancient faction of wealthy elites, created the Chimeras with only one goal: exterminate the First, those from which the myths and legends of vampires derived. But Chimeras kill any and all without mercy, leaving Alex and her team of human fighters with only one choice – join Zeke and his clan of First warriors to destroy the beasts threatening both their species. It’s a life of blood and horror, but they refuse to give up. They will see the end of this war… no matter the cost.

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